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JG144A  HP IMC IVM S/W Module with 25-node Lic
VersionBuild DatePosted DateNotesSizeSelect
  Current Releases
iMC IVM v7.2 (E0402) 12-Oct-201501-Dec-2015 Release notes 47.3 MB »
iMC IVM v7.1 (E0301) 01-Sep-201429-Sep-2014 Release notes 45.2 MB »
  Current Patches
iMC IVM v7.1 (E0301P02) 08-Jul-201514-Jul-2015 Release notes 46.5 MB »
  Previous Releases
iMC IVM v7.0 (E0201) 19-Mar-201428-Mar-2014 Release notes 43.3 MB »
iMC IVM v7.0 (E0101) 18-Sep-201330-Sep-2013 Release notes 42.1 MB »
iMC IVM v5.2 (E0401) 05-Feb-201319-Feb-2013 Release notes 63.6 MB »
iMC IVM v5.0 (E0101) S/W Module 01-Feb-201125-Feb-2011 Release notes 11.5MB »
  Previous Patches
iMC IVM v7.1 (E0301P01) 09-Apr-201517-Apr-2015 Release notes 46.1 MB »
iMC IVM v7.0 (E0201P01) 05-Jun-201423-Jun-2014 Release notes 42.8 MB »
iMC IVM v5.1 SP1 (E0201H04) 16-Aug-201209-Oct-2012 Release notes 39.8 MB »
iMC IVM v5.1 (E0201L02) 09-Jun-201225-Jun-2012 Release notes 39.3 MB »
iMC IVM v5.1 (E0201) 09-Jan-201216-Feb-2012 Release notes 36.2 MB »